Things to consider while you are contemplating a kitchen redesign

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of your living environment. It is here that you prepare all the food items for yourself and your family and make sure that all of you get the nutrition that you deserve. Designing a kitchen is one of the key things that you need to focus on when you are building your home from scratch or looking to renovate your home. The best thing about it is that nowadays you can choose from numerous classic and modern designs that can enhance the look and feel of your home. A beautiful kitchen can encourage you to spend more time in it and also entertain your guests at the same time.


While you are looking to have a new kitchen design in your home, you should keep in mind that there are mainly two different types of kitchen designs that you can choose from, namely, the closed kitchen and the open kitchen. The closed kitchens function as a separate chamber altogether where food is prepared. These kitchens are closed or separated from the other parts of the home and can be mostly found in old fashioned buildings that have a classical style of interior design. Many of the classic kitchens in Dubai come in this style.

On the other hand, open kitchens are those that lack a clearly defined boundary and may easily merge with the living room or some other section of the house. These kitchens have elaborate cabinets and drawers for keeping utensils and cooking items and consist of a central island or tabletop where most of the cooking work is done. Separate areas are allotted for keeping cooking appliances like food processors, microwaves and ovens. An open kitchen is often preferred by people who love informal settings and environments. You can entertain your guests in an open kitchen by letting them hang around while you cook the food. You may also get an LCD TV installed in the kitchen where you can watch the latest games, movies and cooking shows.

No matter the type of kitchen that you prefer to have, you can get in touch with a modular kitchen specialist who can offer you designs for classic and modern kitchens in Dubai. The kitchen units that they have to offer seamlessly blend functionality with great looks. These modular kitchens can come in a range of designs, color combinations and finishes that can certainly appeal to your aesthetic tastes.


The Layout of The Kitchen

Are you planning to install a new kitchen? Then you have to think carefully in advance about how you want to organize this. A kitchen should not only look beautiful but also practical. This makes a big difference when it comes to cooking. In this article, you will read some essential matters that you have to take into account when classifying. You can also gain inspiration about the style and lighting of the classic kitchens in Dubai. If you are going to decorate a kitchen, a practical layout is very important. After all, a kitchen is used a lot and you do not want to go against impractical things. A practical arrangement of the kitchen consists of five zones.


The five zones of the kitchen

  1. The Rinsing And Waste Zone

The most important part in the flushing and waste area is the sink. Here you rinse the food and do the dishes. You also sort the waste in this zone and you clear it up.

  1. The Preparation Zone

The most important part of the preparation zone is a worksheet. On this you prepare the food by, for example, chopping, cutting, kneading and mixing.

  1. Cooking and Baking

The most important part of the cooking and baking zone is the hob. If you are going to decorate the kitchen, make sure that you have pots, pans and other cooking and baking utensils at hand.

  1. The Stock

The most important part of the storage area is the refrigerator. The refrigerator is important when decorating the kitchen.

  1. Storage

In the storage area you will find things that you do not use every day. When furnishing the kitchen you do not have to give this zone a central place.

The various forms of the kitchen

Are you looking for ideas for Kitchens in Dubai? First think about which kitchen style you want. The different kitchen styles often overlap. The ideas for kitchen design that you get in a nostalgic kitchen, for example, you can use very well in a country kitchen. In the various kitchen styles you can distinguish three main groups:-

The Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is characterized by clean lines, a smooth finish and advanced equipment. If you are going to decorate a modern kitchen, you think at least: a kitchen island, handle-less fronts and a designer faucet.

The Country Kitchen

When decorating a country kitchen it is mainly about the atmosphere of the home feeling. The country kitchen is especially cozy and cozy. Natural materials are mainly used in the interior of the country kitchen.

The Timeless Kitchen

You are not a timeless kitchen after a year or so; such a kitchen lasts for many years without being out of time. Setting up a timeless kitchen means, using a lot of neutral elements and colors arrangement.

Use Lighting For Kitchen Equipment

In the past we used the kitchen exclusively for cooking and washing dishes. Today, the kitchen has become much more of a living and meeting place. The interior of the kitchen therefore must look more livable.

Contemporary Kitchen Designer Now At Your Beck And Call

A beautiful home with affixed modern amenities does require an equally astounding contemporary kitchen to go with and who better to consult when it comes to kitchen designs than Ricci Milan- a leading venture specializing in profound and breath-taking kitchen design and development endeavors. Kitchen forms an integral part of your home and lifestyle and that is why here at Ricci Milan we undergo extensive market analysis, levy out the emerging trends and make sure your kitchen décor is not only modern and savvy but also effortlessly easy to use.

What do we look for when it comes to kitchen re-décor?

Packing a power-pack collection of extensive designs, enriched traditional themes and high-end materials, Ricci Milan wants every nook and cranny of your kitchen to be filled in perfection, grace and beauty. It can either be in the form of new, improved styles, top-notch modular designs or simply a change in the entire theme. Here’s a list down some of our extensive services that you can avail from Ricci Milan that can help you breath fresh life back into your kitchen.

Kitchen Designe

  • Theme specific customizable styles: Ricci Milan is all about ensuring our specific designs and exclusive patterns conform to the expectations of our customers. This is one of the reason why we boast of a elegant and aesthetically soothing collection of themes, designs, styles and patterns. You can choose the crème de la crème of modern kitchen designs in Dubai.
  • Detail-oriented: We never miss a detailing. When we talk about kitchen remodeling or decoration, we are not only talking about the walls or the floor-board but the entire kitchen itself including kitchen cabinets, storage units and counter tops all the way to the cabinet handles that add ornamental value to the ongoing theme.
  • Add a touch of creativity: With thorough market research, experience and developed skills, Ricci Milan exercises rampant, arresting creativity that is unique, unconventional and absolutely incredible in their own way. Adding elegance and grace to your kitchen with a pristine air of innovation does spice things up.
  • Supreme Quality: Customer satisfaction is at the top of our “to do” list and we won’t stop until we ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with the final outcome. While we ensure the materials used and the labor invested are all enriched in supremacy, compromise on quality is simply not our style of working.
  • Trendsetting: Styles, themes and patterns found in our extensive catalogue are always topping the trend-setter’s list. We acknowledge your love for contemporary uniqueness and that’s why make sure our designs are trendy, versatile and laced in elegance.
  • Variety: vintage mixed in modern hues or old-school oak and metal- choices vary from one person to another and Ricci Milan accumulates all under one big umbrella. We have a huge collection of irresistible designs that conform not only to kitchens alone but also for master bedrooms, quirky kids bedrooms, chic living rooms, charming storage units and more.

Lavish Modern Kitchen Designs in Dubai

The kitchen is quite possibly the most favorite room in your house- a hub where late night hunger pangs are soothed, Sunday brunches feel complete with the whole family huddling around the kitchen counter or simply a place of solace where the sleepy mind brews a steaming cup of coffee every morning. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make this very as modern and comfortable as possible using nothing but one of the best kitchen interior design exclusively hand-picked from the very books of Ricci Milan.


A proficient kitchen designer with an avid love for making homes look more chic, Ricci Milan stands to be one of the most promising Kitchen interior designs in Dubai. Starting from enriching mahogany wood cabinets all the way to marble smooth counter tops- contemporary kitchens are now not just a dream, but a reality mold through intricately crafted modules that Ricci Milan presents to you.

Why upgrade your kitchen?

 Here at Ricci Milan, we believe in simplicity through modern homes, a platform where coming back to home would never feel the same anymore. What’s more, each and every design individually aspiring as it is, reaches the final customers at the most affordable prices so that nothing can stop between you wanting to re-model your kitchen the lavish way!

Want to know more about our different styles, patterns and themes? Visit our online showroom at where our diversified ranges of kitchen designs are detailed along with a ravishing gallery full of decors to feast your eyes on!

Create your dream kitchen with Ricci Milan

RicciMilan provides one of the best quality and sophisticated Italian kitchen designs. As kitchen designs always must always match up with your lifestyle and ideas, we try to provide decorate and design your kitchen ideally. If you are looking for a small kitchen in such a way that you can arrange everything in a small place, you can step in into our store or talk to our expert.  We try to satisfy our customers by providing them timely service and making them happy with our service. Our experts will help you to design and modify your kitchen into a modular kitchen within a short span of time.



The cabinets in your kitchen will look against the clients white, black and grey color palette. We can assure you that your kitchen looks magnificent. The interior decorations of your kitchen will make your kitchen look great. We are one of the best kitchen supplier. The customers are also provided with an opportunity to choose customized kitchen designs with an integrated range of hood in black metal and stainless steel. This will add a striking element to your kitchen and your small kitchen will look extremely large.  The space in your kitchen will look grand and the dramatic white and black color will give your home a classy look with a modern vibe. The open space in your kitchen can also be used for entertainment with your families and friends when you are busy cooking.

Our customers are awesome to work with and they know exactly what they wanted their dream kitchen to look like. Our valuable customers tell us that they would like to spend most of their time in kitchen and thus it is important for them to choose high quality cabinets, hardware and other appliances. We are proud to make our customers smile when they spend their time in kitchen. We also help the clients to create custom pantry where they will have plenty of storage units and thus they can organize them according to their choice.

Are you ready to create your dream Kitchen? We provide free kitchen consultations. You can just step into our stores or give a call and our experts will be ready to help you. We work with your budget and our team takes special care of every aspect of your project. We have special design service for cabinets also if you prefer to do it yourself or have your own contractor, you may prefer to choose us.

Kitchen Interior Design and Decoration in Dubai

RicciMilan is one of the leading kitchen interior designers in Dubai. With rich industry experience and design, we have been able to provide modern kitchen design services.We help you in fulfilling your dreams about your kitchen with elegant and splendid designs, professional performance and innovative products. Our company tries to provide complete satisfaction to our customers by providing them timely service and designing the kitchen according to their requirements.  We deliver different varieties of kitchen interiors like casual, modular and sleek designs. You can give your kitchen a classic, contemporary or modern look according to your choice.


As we say that kitchen reflects the mirror of culture. Kitchen design is regarded as the epitome of functionality and practicality and thus they are two main aspects for crafting the kitchen. We can help you to furnish your kitchen with any colour as per your requirement. Our company provides a wide choice to the customers and helps them to customize the kitchen in different Italian styles. We provide you with unique styles in kitchen designing and thus it gives a touch of glamour to your kitchen. In each particular styles there are different colours and varieties which you can choose from. Our company has also provided the right to our esteemed and valuable customers to choose the kitchen cabinet designs. The doors of the cabinet will be designed as per the requirement of the customers.

You can also design your kitchen with stainless steel which will give your kitchen a classy look. This makes the kitchen attractive to the chefs who likes to work in top class kitchen. Some styles are budget friendly and are preferred by a wide number of customers. All the designs provided by our company are of latest trends and are designed in an innovative style. The kitchen cabinets in each of the styles are designed in such a way that it will give a fabulous look to your kitchen. The handles of the cabinets are unique and the glossy look in each style makes your kitchen look elegant. The doors of the kitchen are either made from solid wood or other materials as per the design of the kitchen. Our company designs the kitchen in such a way that it will make your home look large and extended. You can give a call to our company to get your kitchen equipped with the latest style and design in Dubai.

How to Design a Modern Kitchen?

Everyone is getting a modern kitchen. Now it is your turn. Get rid of the old kitchen models. Modern kitchen design looks good and is impressive. They are also a great way to create space even for a small surrounding. This gives the homeowners to store all their kitchen requirements in an organized way.

If you are on a budget then this is the best way to give your home interiors a new look. You won’t believe but the expenses are quite low.


Create A Contemporary Design

The best way to do that is by getting fittings that give a modern look. Make sure that choose something that will readily go with anything you add later. Adding cabinets changes the look dramatically.

Choose High-Quality Things

As the furniture and electronic pieces are going to a take up huge space and sooner you are not going to replace them then choosing the best quality product is a good idea. Getting something that increases the look will be a good idea. Black and white or shades of grey are often used to design classic kitchens. The grey shaker cabinets are particularly in fashion. They add a subtle color to the kitchen.

Add Personal Touch

 After you have added covers to the floors and walls of your kitchen, it is time to add some personal touch. A good idea would be to choose uncommon stove goods, taps, sinks, etc. things made from copper add a royal touch to the kitchen interior design. You can also add gorgeous counter tops to make your kitchen have an exceptional look.

Having all these things in the way afore mentioned will make your kitchen the best and modern one. To design your kitchen you can always take help from the professional interior designers. They have the skills to design any area within a specific budget.